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Science Teachers Participate in Time Management Workshop

Participant Teachers

The BREP Program sponsored a workshop entitled: "The Science Teacher and Time Management". The activity was held at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus on Friday February 26, 2010 and was targeted to middle and high school science teachers.

The purpose of the workshop was to contribute to the professional development of the science teachers, who participate in the BREP program, and are committed to disseminate the importance of biomedical research to Puerto Rican middle and high school students. The theme of the workshop was selected by the teachers as an area of interest and relevance to their teaching duties and professional growth.


Professor Carmen Fernández served as the expert resource for the workshop. She has extensive experience organizing this type of activity and over 30 years experience as a science teacher. Professor Fernandez is also a certified "Empowerment Coach", "Certified Trainer" and "Leadership Coach".

Twelve science teachers from different public schools across the Island participated in the workshop. The logistic of the activity were overseen by Ms. Odalis García, Education Coordinator of the BREP program.