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Flow Cytometry Workshop

The BioMed Innovation Laboratory sponsors the Flow Cytometry Training Workshop in the use of the flow cytometry unit, a common-use facility designed for quantitative and qualitative cellular analysis. The main objectives of the seminar are to explain & explore the basic theory and applications of flow cytometry, discuss the importance of using quality controls and reference standards and guide those interested over the use of the flow cytometer. Every year, over twenty faculty members, students and technicians share with us the Theoretical and Practice Sessions and have a chance to discover the opportunities flow cytometry can bring to their research.

As part of our training activities, two practical sessions are held in which participants have a hands-on experience with the instrument and, for their convenience, the following topics are discussed and practiced:

  • The use of CaliBRITES to prepare the cytometer for sample optimization.
  • Pre-acquisition software setup (CellQuest)
  • Sample optimization: 5 basic rules of adjustment
  • Data acquisition
  • Data analysis
  • Data storage
  • Overview of research and clinical applications
  • Recommendations to obtain better results when using the instrument
  • Brief troubleshooting guide discussion

Workshop: BIC Soldering Workshop Session