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Visit to TASIS School in Dorado, Puerto Rico


BREP staff organized a "Diabetes Day" at TASIS School in Dorado, PR. A total of 45 students attended the conference which included a presentation about diabetes, its complication and treatment. In addition, students had the opportunity to read the comic book "Diabetes Danger" and participate in a question and answer session.

TASIS School was founded by the developers of the Sabanera Dorado community in a joint effort with three prominent Puerto Rican educators who have extensive experience in educational endeavors in Europe, the United States and Puerto Rico. These educators in turn have teamed with the TASIS Foundation in Europe to contribute to the school with their expertise and experience in the organization and development of highly successful quality schools.


The BREP Program thanks TASIS School for assisting in the dissemination of information regarding the diseases that disproportionately affect the Puerto Rican population, as well as promoting the interest for science and health careers in our young students.