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Ms. Odalis García-Colón, Education Coordinator of the BREP Program, visited the Escuela Secundaria de Caguas Especializada en Ciencias, Matemáticas y Tecnología (CIMATEC, by its acronysm in Spanish). CIMATEC is a dynamic and unique school centered around the student and dedicated to providing an environment of learning that encourages the students to reach his/her maximum potential with the goal of converting them into men and women capable of transforming society through experiences in research, inquiry and innovation in the areas of science, mathematics and technology.

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to participate in a presentation about diabetes offered by Ms. García-Colón, as well as read and discuss the comic book ÒDiabetes DangerÓ. The students also had the opportunity to learn about BREP's Summer Internship, for which they demonstrated lot of enthusiasm and interest in participating.

BREP thanks Ms. Nancy Velázquez, CIMATEC Director, for her hospitality and warm welcome, and the students for their interest in the topic presented and the summer initiatives sponsored by the BREP Program. BREP looks forward to continue collaborating with CIMATEC during this academic year.